About Us

My name is Tessa Sparks.  I started my business in 2011 after the birth of our youngest daughter, Adele.  It is from her that I draw my inspiration to create adorable props.  My husband and I have 6 children, ranging in age from 4 years up to 17 years old. 

My sister joined me in the spring of 2014 and I am extremely happy she has.  Gloria offers more insight into prop designs and makes a wide range of items herself.  Everything we make is done so in our smoke free homes!

General Information

We create a variety of layers, upcycles, basket fillers, tiebacks, and much more. Whatever your photography needs, I am sure it is something we can create:) 


Quality Guarantee 

All items are made in a smoke-free home with extra care while having your complete satisfaction in mind. We appreciate your feedback:)


We ship via Canada Post. Shipping within Canada takes on average 2-6 days and to the United States by Airmail is 4-10 days. Tracking is not included for any packages shipping outside of Canada.  But is available for purchase for an additional $10.  Once a package is shipped it is no longer our responsibility so tracking is recommended but not mandatory.


Please keep safety in mind when using our props, although we strive to make them as safe as possible for photography use, accidents can happen and they are not meant for the mouths of babes:)

*For other shipping options than those listed, please contact us:)*